Open Sale

Skulls minted so far
(mint price is 0.05 ETH + gas)


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Decentralized Bone Society is a DeFi social experience featuring our Skull NFT collection. Owning one of our Skulls grants you access The Tavern, a gamified social interface where every Skull has a say.

Minting will stay open until the whole collection is minted, learn more by visiting "The Tavern" section.

Verified Smart Contract

IMPORTANT : If you are minting on mobile, go to your Metamask app -> Browser and copy this link in there


When is the presale ?

Check out the countdown timer above!

How much is the minting price?

It will cost 0.05eth + gas! Gas price changes alot and we have no control over it. In the full launch, minting will cost the same!


Minting will be with ETH !

How much can I mint?

500 Skulls have been reserved for the previous presales, the rest of the collection (9500 skulls) are available to mint on the 31st at 4PM UTC

Will metamask be supported?

Yes! Metamask will be supported in our minting portal in the website.