Decentralized Bone Society

The Decentralized Bone Society (DBS) is a DeFi social experience featuring our Skull NFT collection. Owning one of our Skulls grants you access The Tavern, a gamified social interface where every Skull has a say.

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Welcome to the Underworld!

10,000 Skulls are lurking below the surface.Algorithmically generated from over 28 million possibilities!

All Skulls are different, yet equal. Being a Skull owner makes you a denizen of The Tavern, and gives you a say in the direction of the ever expanding DBS Metaverse. More details on The Tavern below.

The Tavern

The Tavern is a place of endless fun. Skulls will be able to move around and interact, drink beer and enjoy a variety of Tavern games.
This gamified feel will seep into every corner of The Tavern so that every Skull will have a personalised experience tailored to their interests.

Think you have what it takes to enter The Tavern? Over my dead body! Only Skulls are allowed. The Tavern is a safe haven for us bonely beings to plan out our illicit schemes, bond over our past hardships and to have a great time.



Presale :

We sold 469 Skulls and raised 4,367$ to charity! The first 500 Skulls are special, as they grant their owners the title of Ancient Tavern Dweller with special perks in The Tavern.


Launch :

On October 31th, Decentralized Bones Society will go live and you will be able to mint your Skull on the DBS website. The Skulls cost 0.05eth + gas to mint, and are limited to 20 Skulls per transaction.


The Tavern :

Soon after the launch, The Tavern will open it's doors. Skull holders will be able to log in with their wallets, and play as the Skulls they own!
They will live the full tavern experience : drinking beer, partying with others, playing one of many tavern games and exchanging information.


Off-Series Collection :

After we sell out, we will release an off-series collection of unique Skulls. Some will be airdropped to our holders, the others will be auctioned!


The Tavern DAO :

Owning a Skull makes you a member of The Tavern DAO. The DAO will have a dedicated room in The Tavern to hold meetings, votes and submit proposals. Members have the right to make propositions, and vote on whether to fund said propositions or not using The Treasury, a community wallet.


Tavern Expansion :

The Tavern will grow and develop in the future, to expand on the lore and gameplay, making it a full fledged game. Look forward to social hierarchy, breeding mechanics and Skull clans!

Behind the Skulls ...

The DBS started with a small team of 4 passionate NFT enthusiasts who believe in the potential NFTs hold, and our goal is to create an self-sustaining community of independent artists and developers in order to expand the DBS metaverse.



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