Decentralized Bone Society

The Decentralized Bone Society (DBS) is a DeFi social experience featuring our Skull NFT collection. Owning one of our Skulls grants you access The Tavern, a gamified social interface where every Skull has a say.

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Welcome to the Underworld!

10,000 Skulls are lurking below the surface.Algorithmically generated from over 28 million possibilities!

All Skulls are different, yet equal. Being a Skull owner makes you a denizen of The Tavern, and gives you a say in the direction of the ever expanding DBS Metaverse. More details on The Tavern below.

The Tavern

The Tavern is a place of endless fun. Skulls will be able to move around and interact, drink beer and enjoy a variety of Tavern games.
This gamified feel will seep into every corner of The Tavern so that every Skull will have a personalised experience tailored to their interests.

Think you have what it takes to enter The Tavern? Over my dead body! Only Skulls are allowed. The Tavern is a safe haven for us bonely beings to plan out our illicit schemes, bond over our past hardships and to have a great time.



Ancient Tavern Dwellers :

The first 1000 Skulls are special, as they grant our early loyal adopters the "Ancient Tavern Dweller" title, as well as special perks within our community and inside The Tavern.


The Tavern (Alpha) :

The Tavern is where all the Skulls gather to party. It's an exlusive 3D space where beer is served, connections are made and Tavern games are provided for your entertainment!


10/03 Whitelist DBS Citizens :

You may not have made it early, but you will still have the opportunity to become a Citizen of the DBS Metaverse. A whitelist process will be held in place, and those who have been registered to mint for FREE!


11/03-13/03 DBS Citizen Free Mint :

Once the whitelist has been filled, we will open the mint for a limited period (TBA), so you can choose to mint whenever gas is low.


15/03 ATD Package Disclosure :

Our valued early adopters shall be rewarded! The earlier you are, the better the package you will receive.


15/04 $DBS Token :

The official token of the DBS Metaverse will be disclosed.


20/04 DBS ATD Airdrop :

The ATD Skull holders will receive an airdrop of our DBS Token.


Q3 The Tavern update :

Time to welcome the new DBS citizens! The update will come with a full visual overhaul, quality of life improvements, and new gameplay mechanics. A convenient marketplace UI, a merch shop and DeFi components will be implemented.


15/07 DBS Airdrop for Citizens :

Free stuff! For DBS Citizens only...


Q4 Self-governing Bones :

Unlike any other society, the DBS is actually gonna rule itself! Every bone will become a member of our DBS DAO. After setting up the foundation of our DAO, rules, a proposal/voting system and incentives will be implemented.


Q4 DBS Secondary Collection :

A secondary collection will be born from the consensus of the DBS DAO.

Behind the Skulls ...

The DBS started with a small team of 4 passionate NFT enthusiasts who believe in the potential NFTs hold, and our goal is to create an self-sustaining community of independent artists and developers in order to expand the DBS metaverse.



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