The Tavern

Where all the Skulls gather to party. Beer is served, valuable information is exchanged, trades take place, and a multitude of fun games are provided for your entertainment!

In this page you'll learn more of information about the dreamland of decentralized gaming.

Introduction and Lore

What happens after you die?

If you're lucky enough to be buried in The Forbidden Graveyard, as your corpse decays, your bones are blessed once again with the Gift of Life and sink deeper into the underground...

They say that in death, we are alone. But fate took a different turn for us skeletal beings.
Welcome to the Decentralized Bone Society, an underground haven for the Skulls, of the Skulls, by the Skulls!

The Decentralized Bone Society, DBS for short, is a unique metaverse of spells, curses and fantastic creatures. The DBS is ruled by Skulls, and sways wherever the big blockchain trends lead!

A never ending party

The Tavern is where all the Skulls gather to party. Beer is served, valuable information is exchanged, trades take place, and Tavern games are provided for your entertainment!

Most important of all, The Tavern is run by a DAO where every Skull has a say. The DAO is funded by The Treasury, supported by a portion of Off-series sales, in order to put it to use to execute decisions agreed upon by the Skulls! The Tavern is 100% community built.


How to get access to The Tavern?

The Tavern is for the Skulls, of the Skulls, by the Skull.
Unless you're already a pile of bones, The Tavern is exclusive to Skull owners! You can mint yours right here : Mint Now

To log into The Tavern, connect with your wallet in the login screen. If a Skull NFT is detected, it will transform in 3D and The Tavern door will open! In case you hold multiple Skulls, you may pick the one you want to play as. Detail about your Skulls will be displayed as well! You can log in right here : Coming soon


What value does my Skull provide?

As previously mentioned, owning a Skull will grant you access to The Tavern, a 3D multiplayer game space jam-packed with features! Your avatar will turn 3D, so you can move around and interact with different parts of The Tavern!

The Tavern will evolve according to the wishes of the Skulls, as our first priority is the community. That being said, we have decided on some set future goals to attain :

  • We are now at the alpha stage. The Tavern is a browser experience, accessible from pretty much all modern browsers (as long as you own a Skull)
  • After we flesh out The Tavern experience, we will move into other mediums, namely mobile applications. The Tavern will be more accessible than ever!
  • The final stop is : making The Tavern a fully fledged game! Make no mistake, it will not be the end. This will open more room to expand the DBS metaverse, possibly making it a household name.


The Tavern is a place of endless fun! At it's essence, it's an exclusive club where the gaming aspect seeps into every corner.

  • Get immersed in a world of endless distractions : Beers, jukebox, dedicated tables and minigames are all over place. You can earn in game currency by simply having fun!
  • Chat with your fellow Skulls : Aside from public chat and direct messages, The Tavern has dedicated tables to share all sorts of valuable tips and information about cryptocurrency, defi trends and other interests.
  • Explore the metaverse of DBS : The DBS lore runs deep, and you can learn about it bit by bit as you interact with the Tavern and it's peculiar characters...*


The Tavern will have a specialized room called The Treasury. The Treasury will show all transactions and proposals in all transparency :

  • You will be able to track Skull trades and deposits to fund The Treasury. The Treasury will be funded mainly by a portion of sales, and by donations from the holders.
  • You will be able to submit and browse DBS related project proposals. These proposals will be the main aspect of self-governance in The Tavern, as they will be voted on by the DAO. Learn more about The Tavern DAO here

Expanding the Metaverse

The DBS metaverse doesn't stop at The Tavern! The world will expand and the lore will thicken... The underground has alot to unpack. As the Skulls get more and more comfortable in The Tavern, their renegade souls will drive them to seek adventure!

New locations to discover, new gameplay mechanics, new characters to meet!